We began this complete home renovation and addition project in October of 2016. The home owners were committed to making their home more user friendly for their family's current lifestyle, but also for the lifestyle they were envisioning in the future. They were desiring a "forever home." A family with 2 teenage sons and 1 upcoming teenage daughter needs the right kind of space to cultivate great family memories and entertain friends and family comfortably. Our focus was to build upon their concepts and turn them into reality for their family.

This particular Jamestown home was 10 years old, but unfortunately had a number of incorrect building methods used during it's original construction and in order for it to become a "forever" home, renovations, repairs, and additional space were not only desired, but needed. 

And so the process began. . .

A large Great Room Addition with a showcase fireplace was built and the whole home was renovated on the interior. Interior walls were rearranged, staircases were moved, flooring, electrical, paint and millwork were all updated. The process was intense as this family chose to live in their home throughout the renovation. We tried our best to accommodate each other. This family was a joy to work with.

A "forever" home was the end goal envisioned by all and we believe the goal was obtained. We hope this family enjoys living in and making lifelong memories in their home for many years to come. They say "Home is where the heart is," and this home is filled with big, beautiful hearts. It was a pleasure to work with this awesome family!