Nill Construction, Inc. was awarded the James River Valley Library Renovation Project in Jamestown. This particular project was a public bid project through JLG Architectural Firm, Fargo, ND.

On this project, renovations ranged from the replacement of interior finishes to exterior foundation repairs and waterproofing. During the course of this renovation deteriorated concrete foundation walls were uncovered and needed to be remedied. Other surprises such as deteriorated concrete floors in the lower level of the library necessitated removal and replacement. These discoveries were all unforeseen, yet not all that surprising, due to the 100 year age of the building.

During most projects, be it renovations and or new construction, some amount of contingency dollars should be made available for "what if's" and "surprises" that can occur. However, renovation projects, in particular, will need a dedicated amount set aside for surprises that will be uncovered during the progression of work. 10% of a project cost for a renovation such as this would be considered a fair sum in our opinion. 

The James River Valley Library Renovation Project was and is no exception to most renovation projects. Surprises occur. They seem inevitable. Timelines and construction schedules change along the way due to these surprises, which can cause some architect and owner stress, and even contractor stress! In spite of these added stresses and costs, the staff has been very understanding and great to work with. All has gone smoothly with the architects as well.

To summarize this project: Exterior renovations consisted of foundation wall repairs and waterproofing, which for all practical purposes will be largely unnoticed by the public eye. Exterior elements that will be noticed will be new landscaping and a new monument sign, which will include an electronic signboard. On the interior of the building, the upper floor will maintain it's original flavor, however, there will be some updated finishes here and there. The lower level of the library will have some refreshed finishes as well. An Acoustical Cloud Baffle Ceiling is being installed. Its purpose is two-fold. It will provide some much-needed sound reduction as well as a  fun whimsical atmosphere. We think the public will find it appealing!

We hope the community of Jamestown appreciates the library renovations. The renovations have definitely given new life and purpose to the building.