Jamestown Park & Recreation called for public bids for a storage building to be located on the Two Rivers Activity Center property. Nill Construction, Inc. was awarded the project bid.

Being awarded a public bid on a project means that your company came in with the “low bid” or “lower cost” than the next bidder. Your company is a winner but only because they were willing to do it for less. An interesting concept in the world of contracting - a little sidebar on what it means to bid a project.

This was a 40’ x 40’ storage building which was intended to house the bubble’s artificial turf system. Connected concrete driveways from the bubble to this new storage building were to aide TRAC personnel in expediting the process of removal and replacement of this turf in a more timely manner.

Jamestown is fortunate to have the Two Rivers Activity Center. It’s a great facility and promotes a healthy lifestyle for all ages. We were happy to be a part of this project in the fall of 2018.